Ford Auto Repair and Service Shop in Everett WA

When it comes to the automotive industry and domestic brands, there is no greater name than Ford. It is the foundation upon which the rest of the industry was built and that legacy will never go unnoticed. It is the catalyst for what has become one of the most adored segments of the world. Henry Ford’s vision to build a tremendous empire is something that has been revered for ages and it’s seen in all walks of life. With an incredible collection of designs and a never-ending set of vehicles, Ford is an example of transcendent quality. At Conaway Motors, we are able to offer in-depth assistance on all Ford models and will ensure the vehicle is back on the road within no time. This is the charm of our top-tier Ford repair & service.


We Install All Major Ford OEM Parts and Accessories When Available


Our Repairs Include:

  • Customized Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Engine Repair and Replacement
  • Suspension Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Timing Belt Repairs
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • And More!

In 1903, the show hit the road as Henry Ford started to work on a new vehicle design that would do well in the public’s eye. It was a design that stood out as a 2-cylinder engine with a top speed of 30 MPH. It would come out to a price tag of $850 as everything was done in detail. Henry Ford wanted to make sure it was immaculate from top to bottom before releasing it to the public. After a while, he was able to get it launched under the name “Model A.”

Henry Ford was a man of great taste and had a hunger to learn greater than anyone else around him. He was able to join forces with the likes of Thomas Edison to get a feel for how things worked including building a positive relationship with the national hero. He started to take inspirations from everything around him and even drew up the revered blue logo. He wanted to make sure it fit the tone of the company and it has remained the same ever since.

Henry Ford’s vehicles have always been among the best because of the attention to details. This included the time he spent understanding his employees during the early 1900s. He wanted to make sure the best talent came to him and stayed onboard for as long as possible. He was willing to double their wages because that was the charm of being a Ford lifer. This included setting up a robust company profit sharing setup that would let the funds go back to the employees throughout the year. This gave them the incentive to work hard, design passionately, and make sure the word spread.

For Ford owners that are now “lifers,” we are more than willing to provide top-tier mechanical assistance along the way. It can be anything from tire rotations, wheel alignment, or even suspension service. We can do it all and we will make sure it is done right!

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