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Certain names are unforgettable and the same applies to Geo as this was one of the premier brands during the early 1900s before it went defunct. The automaker was set up to offer a wide array of small cars and SUVs that would be different to anything else on the market. It was established in the home of domestic vehicles (Detroit) and that let it gain a bit of steam as time went on. The Chevrolet Division of General Motors was responsible for launching the company and letting it grow over time. At Conaway Motors, we have continually analyzed the beauty of Geo as a brand and everything it has represented over the years. To illustrate our love for the brand, we continue to offer comprehensive Geo repair & service.

Our Repairs Include:

  • Customized General Maintenance
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • Transmission Service
  • Timing Belt Repairs
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Suspension Service
  • And More!

At the time of its release, Geo was seen as a way to enter the small import market by Chevrolet. The company was failing to get a leg up on the competition and wanted to set a separate wing for its new line of vehicles. To do this the right way, the company joined up with three Japanese automakers (Toyota, Suzuki, and Isuzu). They wanted to understand the market and get a feel for how it had to be manufactured. This gave them numerous ideas as they build some of the earliest Geo Metro convertibles. Over time, they were able to work on the nuances and build this incredibly swift roadster. It was able to set itself apart by remaining an economy car that came in various trim levels (base, XFi, and LSi).

As the three trim levels grew in stature, Geo was able to spread its wings and create the Prizm. This was a robust compact four-door sedan designed from the ground up to succeed Chevrolet’s Nova. It earned tremendous praise for its design work and even ended up winning awards in the auto industry. People fell in love with what it had to offer and how the design flowed with the small import market. The Prizm was rocking a 1.8 L engine and a fun 4-speed automatic. The brand was even willing to add new features such as the comprehensive leather interior.

As the manufacturer started to fade away, it created additional designs that did pick up steam in the form of “Storm” and “Spectrum.” These were intriguing designs that did well for a few years and can be seen on the road from time to time. At Conaway Motors, we have worked on these vehicles and are able to service them methodically. For our team, there is nothing better than being able to engage with such a unique brand of vehicles. Geo has only grown in stature despite being defunct and is now appreciated for what it was able to bring into the world of automotive vehicles.

We Install All Major Geo OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

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