Hummer Auto Repair and Service Shop in Everett WA

The Hummer is one of those vehicles that has a presence and will stand out in any parking lot as soon as it rolls up. Its charm is intoxicating, exhilarating, and something enthusiasts talk about whenever they get the opportunity. With robust military-grade strength, a brilliant set of features, and the uncanny appearance, it is one of those vehicles that does it all with power. By jumping into a Hummer, there is a sense of history and military-grade quality that is impossible to ignore. At Conaway Motors, we have a deep understanding of how Hummers function, where to source their parts, and how to keep them going at 100%. By trusting our Hummer repair & service, clients will feel safe and know the vehicle is in great hands.

Our Repairs Include:

  • Suspension Service
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • Synthetic Oil Changes
  • Transmission Service
  • Timing Belt Repairs
  • And More!

It was in 1983 when the US army decided to put together an incredible set of “multipurpose wheeled vehicles” to help maximize their strength, mobility, and general efficiency. They handed over the contract to a company named AM General that was held responsible for creating something memorable. The vehicles ended up being a major success for the US army and picked up steam among the regular population. In no time, General Motors felt it was best to offer “civilian” models to the automotive market because there was a clear-cut demand for them. By acquiring the Hummer brand, General Motors was well on its way to building something exceptional in 1999. Over time, General Motors released its “H2” after AM General had released the H1. This was done using the Suburban frame.

While the Hummer is no longer made, it continues to be one of the most cherished American models on the planet due to its national ties to the army. Being able to get behind the wheel for one of these trucks is impossible to beat and that’s something enthusiasts have adored since its inception.

General Motors was able to come up with a wide array of designs while working on the Hummer and even won an award for its efforts in 2006. The original design was supposed to be made with uniquely shaped algae-filled body panels. This would ensure the body was made of entirely recycled materials. While this concept didn’t come to fruition, it showed the brand’s willingness to take a step forward as a high-powered vehicle.


We Install All Major Hummer OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

The journey of the Hummer continues to hum along and that’s why Conaway Motors is ready to assist owners of this magnificent vehicle. Whether it is the H1, H2, or the H3, this company is ready to offer a world-class repair solution as soon as possible. Feel free to speak to one of our trustworthy representatives to get things started. We will be more than happy to start working on the repairs and put together an all-in-one plan that’s ideal for both parties.

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