Hyundai Repair & Service

Hyundai began its rise in Seoul and is still the most important automotive company in Korea. Over time, it has continued to grow and become a worldwide success due to its reliability, quality, and variety. The hard-working quality of Koreans has led to the rise of Hyundai and it’s something the nation is proud of. At Conaway Motors, we aim to assist clients with Hyundai vehicles and offer seamless repair options. For the ultimate Hyundai repair & service, we are the ultimate choice.

We Install All Major Hyundai OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Our Hyundai Repairs Include:

  • Engine Repairs or Replacements
  • Oil Changes
  • Power Steering Corrections
  • Certified Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • And More!

In 1967, Hyundai was born and it rapidly started growing with innovative designs and unique mechanisms. The facility was set up to produce over 20,000 vehicles a year and it quickly gained intrigue around the automotive world. The Ford Motor Company became interested in the project and signed an agreement to produce its vehicles at the facility too. This was the level of quality in their craftsmanship. In return, Ford started passing on some of its underlying technology to Hyundai so it could launch forward with an array of new designs. This is when they launched one of their first models named “Hyundai Pony.”

America was the big market for Hyundai and it needed to make a move to start impacting its bottom line. To do this, Hyundai Motor Company picked up and set up a company in 1986. The US market was quickly introduced to the Hyundai America Technical Center in Michigan. The company was eager to make an impact and started introducing refined features such as the 1.5-lit engine in the Hyundai Alpha. Just like its modern-day vehicles, Hyundai took time to develop its technology by spending over $125,000,000 on research.

At Conaway Motors, we appreciate the history of Hyundai and its designs more than anyone else. This appreciation has led us to better understand how the different models work and how to maximize their mechanisms. Whether it’s the Hyundai Accent, Veloster, or Elantra, we have the team needed to do a good job. Our technicians continue to work hard on improving their skill set and are recognized as leaders in the region for all Hyundai-related repairs.

The beauty of Hyundai has always been seen through its willingness to innovate. Whether it was creating a new sports car named “Hyundai Coupe” or looking to up the ante with their Tiburon, the goal was to be the best reliable vehicle on offer. Over time, the brand has become famous for its ability to deliver unique designs and continue to maintain its high standards of reliability. No other brand is able to match the passion of perfection that is seen at Hyundai. We wish to offer the same level of passion in all of our repair work at Conaway Motors to keep Hyundai owners happy. This is something we’re proud of and continue to strive towards every single day.

Hyundai is all about commitment to excellence and this is seen through the beautiful “H” logo that dons its models. To some, it symbolizes two people coming together and shaking hands as a sign of honor. This is a reflection of what the brand stands for to this day and what we stand for at Conaway Motors.

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