Infiniti Repair & Service

The beautiful combination of Japanese engineering and luxury cannot be denied while gazing at Infiniti’s cars. These are vehicles that have become a new symbol of reliable elegance and continue to be popular in America. The company has now spread to 35 countries and is a major name in the automotive industry. At Conaway Motors, we have worked with numerous cars and cherish our experiences with this brand. Our technicians are well trained, creative, and passionate when it comes to Infiniti. For the best Infiniti repair & service, we are still the most reliable name in town.

We Install All Major Infiniti OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Our Infiniti Repairs Include:

  • Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Climate Control Service
  • Engine Repair or Replacement
  • Oil Change
  • Suspension Service
  • And More!

In the 1980s, Nissan Motor designed a beautiful new car and brought it to the Detroit Motor Show. It was the “Infiniti Q45” and that’s when the love affair between American and Infiniti began. Nissan Motor was ready to launch this lineup of luxury vehicles and started with a handful of dealers (50) in the states. It was a way to gauge the market and it was indeed a major hit! Infiniti has now become one of the most appreciated and cherished brands on the market due to its distinguished classiness. It stands out from its peers and that’s what makes it such a jaw-dropping option.

At Conaway Motors, we have the experience and ability to handle all Infiniti models with determined excellence. Whether it’s an older or newer model, we have the right diagnostic tools and practices to offer seamless repairs. Everything is done with a purpose according to modern-day standards. This is why our team stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to automotive repair work.

Infiniti is often associated with its slogan, “rebellious passion,” and that’s what defined its incredible foray into America. What started as a dream to tap into the luxury market has become an amazing rise to the top. It has become a brand that is just as potent as Nissan as seen by its determined effort to look at hybrid vehicles (Infiniti M35h). The company has continued to launch new designs with vigorous intent because it wants to maximize its potential. This is something Conaway Motors stands for as well with its continued efforts to provide wholesome repairs.

Some Infiniti owners might not be aware of this but the Japanese manufacturer didn’t launch its models in Japan until 2013. This was done on purpose as the brand wished to influence the North American market first. Over time, it earned the respect of the national market and started to come into demand. The Japanese wanted Infiniti vehicles and the company obliged. As time has gone on, the brand is now well ingrained in the world.

To maintain these visionary vehicles and enjoy them to the fullest, it’s best to let our team get to work. We will offer a comprehensive solution that’s in line with Infiniti’s core fundamentals.

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