Isuzu Repair & Service
It all started in 1916 when Tokyo’s leading engineering companies came together to work with a premier English car Maker named Wolseley Motors. Over time, a separate department by the name “Ishikawa Automotive Works” or Isuzu came to the forefront and started doing its own thing. It aimed to step forward and create powerful vehicles using diesel engines in 1933. Isuzu continued to grow and became one of the leaders in the market for its quality. At Conaway Motors, we have taken Isuzu and its excellence to heart with premium Isuzu repair & service.

We Install All Major Isuzu OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Our Isuzu Specialists Can Repair:

  • Timing Chains
  • Engines
  • Oil Leaks
  • Coolant Leaks
  • And More!

We provide a wide array of services including:

  • Transmission Service
  • Suspension Service
  • Climate Control Service
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • Engine Repair/Replacements
  • Wheel Alignment

Isuzu was highlighted as a top supplier of commercial vehicles in the 1950s as it aimed to dominate a segment of the market. Over time, it was able to come up with the adored Elf commercial vehicle (1959) and continued to work on new models. The company’s rich history is sprinkled with numerous events and none was bigger than the first passenger car named the Bellett. It was regarded as a premier rear-wheel-drive car made to capture everyone’s attention.

At Conaway Motors, our technicians are able to work on a wide array of Isuzu vehicles with tremendous success. We are certified, tested, and professional because that’s what matters. Our team is willing to offer seamless solutions that are customized for an Isuzu model.

Isuzu’s history as an automotive brand has remained a global subject after its D-Max Ute release. GM and Isuzu combined forces to work on a new design and started to launch this model. It was renamed the Holden Rodeo before progressing to the name Colorado. Isuzu has always been a prominent figure in the automotive world with its wide array of designs and willingness to partner with other companies to come up with unique models. It’s this passion to offer something comprehensive that has won them praise over the years as an automotive company. Conaway Motors aims to offer the same passion through its repair work whether it’s running diagnostics or doing maintenance repairs on an Isuzu model. Being able to rely on the team’s efficiency is important and we continue to pride ourselves on the tools, techniques, and parts on offer.

The Isuzu Ute has also become a prominent option across the world because of its powerful set of features. It stands head and shoulders over its competition since the 2008 launch. The brand has also worked on building a partnership with one of the world’s leading brands in Mitsubishi because of their well-integrated network. Isuzu continues to remain a powerhouse in the automotive world due to its dedication.

Our technicians have started to incorporate world-class techniques to offer comprehensive repair solutions. All Isuzu models are uniquely designed and it’s important to have seasoned technicians on hand to provide assistance. For further information, Conaway Motors is always willing to take a look and diagnose the vehicle. Our vision is to remain the one-stop solution for all Isuzu models!

To reach out to Conaway Motors for its Isuzu repair & service, call us at (425)905-2424.