The desire to create a vehicle that will tackle any terrain has made Land Rover famous around the world. Add to that an indomitable spirit of adventure and constant insistence on outstanding innovation, and the arrival of the family of vehicles we know today is understandable.

We Install All Major Land Rover OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Land Rover’s history is a long and illustrious one that started in 1948 with the vehicle known simply as Land Rover. Since then, every Land Rover and Range Rover has been engineered and designed to answer the same brief: create a powerful 4×4 that combines a sense of comfort with true off-road capabilities – to enable drivers and enthusiasts to fulfill their sense of adventure.

It goes without saying that the Land Rover name is synonymous with luxury and style, which shows through with their impressive line of SUVs. You have the rugged, yet fancy nature of the Range Rover while other more compact models like the Evoque and LR4 are always able to perform and meet up with a wide variety of driver needs. Despite the reputation that the Land Rover now has as being an urban warrior, this is a driving option that remains rough and tumble enough to stand up to a range of terrains. This is one of the major reasons while this automotive brand has been able to hold it’s own as one of the only lineups in the United States to market just SUV products.

Caring For Your Luxury Land Rover SUV

At Conaway Motors, we are thoroughly dedicated to bringing you nothing but the highest level of customer service and repairs for your vehicle. It is through this dedication that we strive to ensure you come back time and again for all of your automotive needs and we will always fix your Land Rover correctly the first time.

Our Land Rover Maintenance, Repairs & Services

Your Land Rover comes with a suggested timeline for maintenance and services to help keep it up and running at optimum performance levels. You can count on our technicians to help you make sure that you always have the best for your vehicle so that you can stay safe on the roads and improve overall longevity. Some of the suggested service and maintenance we offer on your Land Rover SUV include:

  • Multi-point inspections and diagnostics
  • Oil, filter, and lube service
  • Air conditioner and heater services
  • Tire / Wheel alignment
  • Transmission repairs and services
  • Coolant / Radiator
  • Tune-ups
  • Air filter replacement
  • Timing belt inspection / replacement
  • Muffler & Exhaust service & repair
  • Brake check / inspection / service / repair and more

Your Land Rover is a vehicle that comes finely tuned and ready to take on the roads for years, making it an excellent automotive investment. This is why it is crucial that you do what you can to maintain your vehicle at scheduled intervals. In addition to regular service that our trained technicians can schedule for you, we are also available to assist you with any of the major repairs that you may need throughout the lifetime of your vehicle.

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