Mazda Repair & Service
When it comes to Japanese automotive brands, Mazda is among the best in the business and has a rich history. It’s a manufacturer that has continued to grow, develop, and prosper with sustained consistency. In its initial years, it was nothing more than a company looking to product artificial corks but quietly transitioned to the world of cars. The corks business didn’t work out after World War I and it was time to make changes, which is when the Mazda brand was established. Its unique history is a big reason for its success. At Conaway Motors, we wish to employ world-class methods with the same passion Mazda has to offer incredible Mazda repair & service.

We Install All Major Mazda OEM Parts and Accessorie When Available

Our Mazda Repairs Include:

  • Transmission Service
  • Brake Repairs/Replacement
  • Climate Control Service
  • Timing Belt Repairs
  • Suspension Service
  • Oil Changes
  • Wheel Alignment
  • And More!

In the 1930s, Mazda started with a simple motorcycle symbolically named “Cork” after the company’s past. Over time, the name was dropped as the company wanted to create something unique and meaningful. This is when the company started to work on the Mazda-Go, which was a three-wheeled truck in 1931. It was a way to tap into the new market that had developed in the region. This led to a 4-wheel truck by the name of Mazda Romper. It was a truck that was right in line with what the world needed at the time especially as Japan was going through a tumultuous period of its own. World War II was right around the corner and this was a brand that stood out.

The company was growing at a rapid pace by this point and knew it was time to work on a new passenger car. In 1960, Mazda came out with the R360 and continued to market it under the Proceed B-series. Mazda has long been known for creating star-studded solutions that have an incredible set of features. This is something we pride ourselves on as well at Conaway Motors. We aim to be a repair service that’s ahead of its time and can offer world-class solutions to all Mazda owners.

As time went on, Ford Motor Company was able to swoop in and buy Toyo Kogyo and change the company’s name to Mazda Motors. With the backing of a world-class manufacturer, Mazda grew rapidly and turned out 20 million units by 1987. This was also around the same time as the release of their prestigious Mazda MX-5.

Mazda’s quality is not reserved to the 90s. In 2003, the company came out with the “Engine of the Year” with its new Mazda Remesis rotary engine. It was able to offer an incredible set of metrics including the 24-horsepower output. Our technicians have a great understanding of this engine and continue to help owners with all Mazda engines. This includes the Mazda Performance Series. Our vision is to be the go-to service for all vehicles and this includes a unique brand such as Mazda. We continue to add to our skill set and have some of the world’s most innovative repair solutions.

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