Maintaining your Volvo means more than regular oil changes. It’s just as important to get the timing belt replaced at the scheduled intervals. Forget to do it and you could be looking at an unpleasant bill and more significant damage!

The timing belt drives the camshaft, synchronizing the opening and closing of the valves with the up and down motion of the pistons. In some engines, if that belt breaks you coast gently to a stop and call for help. Other engines though can suffer immediate and serious damage.

Many Volvo engines use an “interference” design. That means the pistons and valves share the same space. When the belt in these fails the rising piston hits the valve, bending it and mostly likely damaging the piston too. The only fix is a complete engine rebuild, or a new engine.

How do you avoid this? You get the belt changed at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. In most Volvos this is around 50,000 miles although some will go to 70,000. If you’ve owned the vehicle from new this is easy to keep track of, but if you bought it used, unless you have receipts from the last owner it’s impossible to tell.

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