We Can Provide Your Auto Repair in Snohomish

Auto Repair in SnohomishConaway Motors can provide your auto repair in Snohomish. We have the equipment, the team, and the expertise to take care of the dings, nicks, and malfunctions that are common – and even not so common – to automobiles.

With that said, rumor has it – along with several Internet articles – that lower gas prices are bringing some changes to vehicles available in 2017. They are likely to be longer, lower and wider than models produced in previous years. The emphasis is still on efficiency, but they tend to have more power than the recent models that focused on low gas consumption. These new vehicles are also quieter, which is a big plus for commuters who find climbing into their own vehicle a relief after being at the beck and call of others all day long. They will be able to listen to their music or audio book without interference from motor noise. Other than that, no startling new developments seem to be available for the upcoming year. Electric cars are being equipped with better batteries. The self-driving models are still have several issues that have not been completely threshed out.

Conaway Motors can provide your auto repair in Snohomish, just call us at (425)905-2424. We keep up with automotive developments, and we can take care of your older models, too. This is an exciting year to be associated with the automotive industry simply because there are new developments in the works, but vehicles are reassuringly similar to previous models. There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Automobile design was based on and an improvement over horse-drawn carriage design – it is a good trend, incorporating known technology to make better technology.