We have your 90K Service in Edmonds

90K service in EdmondsConaway Motors can perform your 90K service in Edmonds. We have the qualified, experienced mechanics, and our philosophy is that we do not leave honesty beside the road. One of the biggest fears of automobile owners is that those milestone maintenance events will include unnecessary repairs. That is not what they or we are all about.

If you have gotten your vehicle to the point that your odometer is reading 90K or more, you have done a great job of maintaining it. Even the best made vehicle requires periodic fluid changes, fresh filters and the occasional replacement part. Some vehicle models are more durable than others. Your driving style also has a great deal to do with whether your vehicle can attain that 90K mileage marker and still perform well. The way you accelerate, brake and clutch all influence the longevity of various parts – as do your habits in regards to keeping the oil and coolant properly topped up. What happens at a 90K Service? Similar maintenance items that occurred at your 30K & 60K services. The tires get rotated and balanced, fluids and filters get changed. Belts, spark plugs, wires and similar items that wear over time get a thorough visual check, and replaced – as needed. Your vehicle gets a road test, and a general inspection. Time it just right, and your 90K checkup can coincide with your normal tune-up visit. The goal is to catch necessary repairs before they become an emergency. No mechanic can guarantee a 100% success rate on that, but we truly will do our best.

Conaway Motors can perform your 90K service in Edmonds, just call us at (425)905-2424. Our goal is to catch potential problems before they can become an emergency and to help your vehicle reach its next maintenance milestone. Hey, 120K service, anyone?