What are Some Negative Signs that You Would Need Brake Repair Service in Bothell?

What are Some Negative Signs that You Would Need Brake Repair Service in Bothell?

Owning a car comes with its own specific set of responsibilities, rewards, and hassles. You have to keep on top of maintenance and automotive repair services, such as brake repair service in Bothell, to keep your car running in top-notch conditions. This includes being attentive to changes in sounds, smells, and how your car handles and drives each time you take it out on the road.

In the case of brake repair, here are a few negative signs to be aware of:

  • High pitched grinding or squealing sounds that begin during hard stops but then progress to all stops.
  • Sinking brake pedal. This happens when you have to continually add pressure to push the brake harder to get your vehicle to stop.
  • Pulling while driving or stopping from one side to another.
  • The vibration that rocks the car when you’re driving or idling.

If you notice leaking fluid from your brakes, this could also be a bad sign that would, at the least, require an inspection to ensure everything is okay. Your brake light will usually come on if something is amiss, but not always, so it’s up to you to remain aware and diligent when watching for issues.

Brake Awareness is a Safety Issue and Should Be Taken Seriously!

Your brakes are an integral part of your vehicle. One that could mean the difference between life or death in some cases. To prevent your brakes from failing or leading you into an accident, awareness should be exercised with the sounds, smells, and feelings that you get from your brakes system.

Utilize common sense. If something feels off, bring it into our automotive shop, Conaway Motors, for proper inspection and brake repair service in Bothell. In the case of cars, it’s always the old saying of “better safe than sorry.” You can call to schedule an appointment at (425) 905-2424.