What is a Muffler & Exhaust Repair Service in Lynnwood, When Do I Need It?

What is a Muffler & Exhaust Repair Service in Lynnwood, When Do I Need It?

Your exhaust system is complex and is driven by internal combustion. The exhaust is essential to your vehicle’s engine being physically able to pump toxic gasses out. If you do not take care of it with a regular muffler & exhaust repair service in Lynnwood, then you might be surprised by loud noises from your car’s engine or even a hole in the exhaust system at some point.

What is Included With Muffler & Exhaust Repair Service?

● Visual inspects of the entire system
● Replace exhaust manifold and pipe
● Check and replace Oxygen (O2) sensors
● Replace catalytic converter
● Muffler examination and replacement

How Do You Know If You Need This Service?

There are many reasons why you might need to have a muffler & exhaust repair service completed. You might hear odd vibrations and a rattle. This can be during driving, or while the car is simply turned on. Additionally, if you hear an increase in exhaust sounds that seem different than normal, this might indicate the need for a service.

Another sign that you are having trouble with your exhaust is that you will be using more gas than usual. Although this can be a sign of aging as well, if it is accompanied by a “rotten egg” smell, then it can be a sure sign of exhaust issues.

Finally, if you have water dripping from the muffler, or see rust around the muffler, you should definitely bring your car in for a service. Rather than wait, you can prevent issues in your vehicle before they become serious.

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