What is an Everett ASE Master Certified Technician?

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifies master technicians — insuring that the highest standards are met through training and testing. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was established in 1972 to:

“improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through the testing and certification of repair and service professionals”

Since its inception, over 400,000 technicians have been certified. By choosing an Everett ASE Master Certified Technician, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in excellent hands.

How Does a Mechanic/Technician Become ASE Certified?

Any mechanic that has at least 2 years hands-on experience (must provide appropriate documentation) is qualified to take the certification examinations of his/her choice. Each certification is valid for up to 5 years. This renewal period assures that each mechanic has remained current with industry advancements. There are a variety of specializations  for which each technician can choose to be tested.

What Areas of Specialization Can a Mechanic/Technician be Certified?

With 8 levels of certification, a Master Certified Technician has achieved certification in all areas. This is an extremely difficult and prestigious accomplishment for a mechanic. As such, many mechanics are certified in some, but not all 8 levels. Technicians with at least 2 years experience can test for certification in:

  1. Engine Repair
  2. Automatic Transmission & Transaxle
  3. Manual Drive Train and Axles
  4. Suspension and Steering
  5. Brakes
  6. Electrical & Electrical Systems
  7. Heating & Air Conditioning
  8. Engine Performance

Generally, the Master Certified Technician works on the most complicated diagnostics and repairs.

How to Identify an ASE Certified Mechanic

An ASE Certified Mechanic will likely have a patch attached to his/her uniform. Additionally, the shop will proudly display all certifications of their certified employees. Should at least 75% of a service center employees be certified, they will also have an additional plaque indicating the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.

When you are searching for a true Master Mechanic, be certain that the certifications are current. Individual certifications are renewed every 4-5 years and shop certifications are reviewed on a yearly basis. This assures that each Master is current and seeks continuing education.

Always ask for an ASE Master Technician when having a pre-loved vehicle inspected pre-sale! Only the Master Mechanic is qualified to inspect a vehicle in its entirety. Additionally, when purchasing a new-to-you (previously loved) vehicle, it is strongly advised that you also seek the advice of an ASE Structural/Body Certified Technician.