What is Included in a Brake Repair Service in Marysville?

What is Included in a Brake Repair Service in Marysville?

If you are looking to keep your car in top shape, then you may know that maintenance is extremely important. Maintaining your car should include checking the engine, replacing the oil, checking all of the fluids, and inspecting your brakes. Especially if you have broken or worn down brakes, you will need to bring your vehicle in for professional brake repair service in Marysville.

What is Included in a Brake Service?

In a brake repair service, your technician should go through a full inspection, as well as cleaning, full lubrication of all of the components, and finally, repair if necessary. Your technician will also measure the thickness of your brake pads. This will ensure that they are working efficiently and do not need to be replaced.

Why is Having a Brake Service Important?

If you have damaged brakes, then it is vital that you have them repaired. Your brakes are probably the most important safety feature in your car. Without brakes, you cannot stop, and you run the risk of causing major damage.

How Often Should I Have a Brake Service?

Anytime you suspect any type of problem with your brakes, you should schedule a time for brake repair service. As a preventative measure, you can have an inspection every six months. This will allow your car to drive safer and ensure that your brakes are functioning properly, while also giving you peace of mind.

Ensure the longevity of your car by having a regular check performed not only on your brakes but also on the rest of your vehicle. If you are looking to bring your car in for brake repair service in Marysville, contact us at Conaway Motors by calling (425) 905-2424.