What to Know About Emission Service in Mill Creek

What to Know About Emission Service in Mill Creek

There comes a time in every vehicle’s life span where you may have to get it tested to make sure its emission output is up to snuff. If your car didn’t pass emissions testing and you want to find out how you can get it up to speed, the ASE Master Certified Technicians at Conaway Motors can provide you with high-quality emission service in Mill Creek.

So, what are we talking about when we say “emissions”? Simply put, they’re just another name for the exhaust that exits your vehicle while it’s running. Nowadays, auto manufacturers add built-in safety features, so the emissions generally are not a huge issue with most cars, but leaks and such can still develop as your car ages. These fumes can be harmful to the environment, so Washington state requires regular testing to ensure that cars meet state emissions guidelines, as well as national benchmarks for emission safety regulations. That said, there is a chance your vehicle is excluded from emissions testing requirements, so give us a call if you want to find out if your car is on the list.

There are three main types of emissions that you should be aware of when it comes to emissions testing:

  • Tailpipe emissions, which are the fumes that leave your car’s tailpipe, and can include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides, all of which can be potentially harmful to the environment.
  • Evaporative emissions, which come from your car’s fuel evaporating. These types of emissions are a leading cause of smog because they stay closer to the ground than other emissions.
  • Lifecycle emissions, which are generated while the car is built, maintained, and eventually decommissioned.

When you need professional emission service in Mill Creek, the pros at Conaway Motors are ready to help you get your car running cleanly and efficiently once more per state and federal guidelines. For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in, stop by the shop or call our team today at (425) 905-2424.