What’s Included in a 90k Mile Tune-Up Service in Lynnwood?

What’s Included in a 90k Mile Tune-Up Service in Lynnwood?

Are you looking for a 90k mile tune-up service in Lynnwood? Conaway Motors is where you should go! We have the experience and equipment ready to ensure you have nothing but the best experience at our facility. 

After following up with your 30 and 60k mile tune-ups, you might be wondering if the next one is avoidable. Unfortunately, it isn’t. These services are scheduled to give your car the TLC it needs to continue functioning as efficiently as possible. And while it might seem like a bit much, missing a service means an inevitable, unplanned appointment with the repair shop.

What Is Different About the 90k Mile Tune-Up?

Here’s what you can expect from services done on your vehicle when it reaches its 90,000-mile mark.

  • Checking and replacing the brakes and spark plugs
  • Flushing all the fluids
  • Aligning the wheels
  • Replacing air and fuel filters
  • Replacing engine coolant
  • Timing belt check/replacement
  • Water pump check/replacement

Are There Other Schedules for Car Maintenance?

Yes, there’s the 120k mile tune-up too. However, if you’re worried that your car is not running smoothly, guzzling too much fuel, or making noises that it shouldn’t, don’t wait for a scheduled service. Instead, ask a certified auto repair and service shop for a quick inspection.

While it’s tempting to approach a local repair shop for regular maintenance as they charge less, know that it violates the terms of your warranty. By paying less now, you could end up paying more later. That’s why it’s important to only go to a trusted and certified repair and service shop.

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