When To Bring Your Car In For Fuel System Service In Snohomish

When To Bring Your Car In For Fuel System Service In Snohomish

First of all, you may wonder what fuel system maintenance and service are, we can explain it to you. If you think you might be looking for fuel system service in Snohomish, then Conaway Motors is here to assist you in determining what it is and whether or not your vehicle needs this type of service.

Fuel systems are incredibly important to the overall mechanical health of your vehicle. The fuel system gives the right amount of fuel to the engine to power it efficiently and safely. With such an important system, it’s essential to clean it regularly and make sure it’s running correctly every so often.

When you bring your vehicle in to get an oil change, it’s a great time to have your fuel system cleaned and examined. We will add fuel system solvent cleaner to your fuel tank that can help remove the “junk” out of your fuel pump, fuel lines, filter, and fuel injectors. While we let the fuel cleaner do its job, we also take a look at the components of your fuel system and change out your fuel filter.

You may wonder how often you need to get your fuel system serviced? It’s not a simple mileage answer. We do recommend using a fuel cleaner as part of your regular maintenance and full service before your vehicle hits 60,000 miles, although you should have it cleaned far before then. Of course, if you start to notice the car running differently or starting reluctantly, then you should bring it in as soon as you can for service.

If you are considering fuel system service in Snohomish, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (425) 905-2424 to schedule an appointment time.