When You Need Auto Repair in Everett

Conaway Motors is only a phone call away when you need auto repair in Everett. We offer honest work and promise to do our best to get your vehicle up and running. We will also be honest about explaining what created the need for repair and in laying out your options.

When You Need Auto Repair in EverettGood auto repairs can help keep vehicles on the road longer. As long as they are fuel efficient and are set up to comply with air quality regulations, this makes good ecological sense. Repairs have a lower carbon footprint than making new vehicles. If a car owner’s next purchase is a used vehicle, sometimes that just means trading one set of troubles for a new and different set. Unless the repairs are major, it is generally more economical to repair an existing vehicle – especially if it is paid for – than it is to invest in a new one. Of course, in the life of every automobile, there comes that time when the cost of repairs would exceed the expense of purchasing a different one. Regular maintenance and taking care of the smaller repairs regularly can help put off the day when your vehicle has met its Time.

Call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424 when you need auto repair in Everett. We will do our best to get you back on the road, and we will explain what is needed before we do the work. We understand that working people have budgets and that car repairs are often an unexpected expense. Our goal is to get your vehicle back into running condition so that you can drive to all the places that are on your busy schedule. At Conaway Motors honesty is not left by the road.