Why Auto AC Services Make the Biggest Difference to Beat the Heat in Summer

Traffic in Marysville is bad on its own… but throw in a heatwave, and you have an instant recipe for bad mood and road rage. Summertime brings the swelter, but Conaway Motors offers auto AC services and repairs to help you beat the heat and stave off bouts of anger while stuck in gridlock. The cooler and more comfortable you are in your car, the less likely you’ll be to yell at some passerby for driving too slowly.

It’s no secret that your car needs routine inspections, especially every 30,000 miles.

Fluids have to be changed, brakes have to be checked, and tires need to be either rotated or replaced. It’s the natural upkeep of being a car owner. However, no one talks about the services an auto air conditioner may need.

There are several reasons your auto air conditioner may go on the fritz. And one of the tell-tale signs of a problem is the AC’s inability to blow cold air. When the air from the vents feels warm or slightly cooler than the temperature inside your car, there’s a problem, and you need to bring your vehicle down to Conaway Motors for a checkup.

Could a Heatwave Affect the Efficiency of Your Auto Air Conditioner?

Heatwaves can be brutal on a lot of things – cars in particular. If you drive an older car with a history of air conditioner problems, a heatwave could challenge how your AC works. Hot air is converted to cold air via the auto ventilation system. But sometimes, that system can malfunction or weaken with age and use, meaning your AC won’t work as well as it could because it’s too hot outside.

Conaway Motors near Marysville can help you feel the frigid blast of a working auto air conditioner. Call us at (425) 905-2424 to learn more about our auto AC services and repairs.