Why Choose Conaway Motors for Common Audi A4 Repairs

If you are considering purchasing a pre-loved Audi A4, Conaway Motors strongly recommends that you have the vehicle inspected by the Audi Experts for Everett and the surrounding area. Like any vehicle, if the Audi you are considering was not properly maintained, it can be expensive to own. On the other hand, if the prior owner followed all maintenance requirements, your car can last for a long time!

Common Problems With Audi A4

According to experts, the most common problems occur with Audi’s electrical system:

  • Brake Lights – remain lit, which can be dangerous and annoying to drivers behind you
  • Trip Display – burns out in random spots; not crucial to your car’s operation, but can be quite frustrating
  • Power Windows – motors burn out; while your car will operate without operating windows, this is definitely a problem that should be fixed as soon as possible
  • Side Mirror Adjustor – can fail; this is a necessity for safe driving and should be repaired as soon as possible
  • Navigation Selector – in Audi A4s built before 2005, the plastic knobs on the navigation system tend to break easily. An simple, inexpensive repair that is not necessary for operation of the vehicle.
While most of the common problems with the Audi are not major, some can be costly to repair. The brake lights circuit replacement is not an expensive repair. The trip meter, on the other hand, requires a full instrument display cluster replacement, which can be costly. Failed power window motors is also a costly repair. Depending on the specific problem with the side mirror, the cost varies. The navigation selector knobs are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Regular Maintenance

As your Audi approaches 80,000 miles, the timing belt will need replaced. If the vehicle you are considering is over 70,000 miles, it is strongly advised that you have the belt replaced. This is advised especially if you do not have first hand knowledge of how the vehicle was used or maintained.

As with any vehicle, always determine that the oil was changed on a regular basis. Additionally, check maintenance records for major services. The Audi Experts at Conaway Motors can help determine if the vehicle was properly maintained by previous owner(s) or not.

The brakes should be inspected and repaired/replaced as necessary by Everett Audi Brake Specialists. If you happen to be purchasing this vehicle from a private party, have the technicians at Conaway Motors complete a full inspection of the vehicle. You will have a clear indication of the condition of the car and what the true value is before making a purchase.