Why Do We Need Emission Service in Mill Creek?

Conaway Motors has everything you need for emission service in Mill Creek. Emission service is required in some states, but in all states it is a proactive way to help keep the air we breathe clean and fresh. While, there are other things that pollute the air – ranging from bovine flatulence to megafactories – those are not necessarily things over which you have control. Oh, you might eat less red meat or sign a petition, but keeping your vehicle’s exhaust system in good working order is something you can do.

Emission Srvice in Mill Creek

Vehicle emissions are created from internal combustion of gasoline. The combustion pushes the pistons, which turn the crankshaft, which then turns the wheels on your vehicle. As most folks know, when you burn something it puts off smoke and fumes. That is true of the gasoline in your automobile engine just as surely as it is true of a camp fire. Fortunately, the fumes from your vehicle’s motor are run through a catalytic converter. This device not only scrubs particles and chemicals out of the exhaust from your motor, it recycles some of the chemicals it recaptures, making your vehicle more fuel efficient. Many modern vehicles do not run well when their catalytic converter has a problem because they are set up to receive that little extra boost.

Conaway Motors has everything you need for emission service in Mill Creek and surrounding areas, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. Our capable mechanics will check your system, and let you know if it needs maintenance or repair. Your vehicle will thank you with improved gas mileage and your lungs will thank you for improved air quality. It isn’t a big thing, but if everyone who owns a motor vehicle keeps up with their emission service, we can make a difference.