Why Is Fuel System Service Important For Mukilteo Drivers?

Why Is Fuel System Service Important For Mukilteo Drivers?

Are you familiar with fuel system service in Mukilteo? If not, then you may be wondering if it is something you truly need for your vehicle. The first step is to understand what this service is, and then you can decide if it is something you need for your car. Either way, we are here to help at Conaway Motors!

Understanding Your Fuel Injector

In the last decade or so, fuel systems have changed a lot. Older cars have a carburetor that allows fuel to move to the engine, but these are not always the most efficient. In newer cars, you have a fuel injection system that allows the car to control its fuel injection electronically. This makes it so that just the right fuel is delivered to your car’s engine. Because this is a complex system, it needs to be periodically checked to make sure it is running well.

What Is Involved In  Fuel System Service?

During this kind of service, you will be able to have your fuel injector cleaned. This will remove any extra build-up or deposits and flush the system. Your technician may also make sure that the intake valves and cylinders for your vehicle get cleaned.

Why Do I Need Fuel System Service?

Having this service ensures that your car will work efficiently, but this also extends the life of your car and improves its performance. You will save money on gas mileage and drive a much safer vehicle. If you do not have this service performed, you may start to notice some problems with your car’s engine. This can be dangerous and lead to worse problems that will cost you more money in the long run.

Although you may not need a fuel system service in Mukilteo until your car reaches 60,000 miles, sometimes you might need it before. Keep an eye on your fuel economy, and if you notice any changes beforehand, give us a call at Conaway Motors. We would be happy to check out your vehicle and provide this service. Contact us at (425) 905-2424.