You Can Get Car Repair in Lynnwood

You Can Get Car Repair in LynnwoodAt Conaway Motors you can get car repair in Lynnwood. We know that car repairs are not much fun at any time or anyplace, but we can at least take a little bit of the sting out of them with honest estimates and our best work.

When your car develops a problem it can put a monkey wrench in any plans for the day. Car problems can make you late for work, or put a permanent delay in that fun vacation event. There was a single mom, for example, who had a rattle trap old station wagon. One morning, she was running late and stopped at McDonald’s with her teen age daughter to grab something quick to eat. Now, the woman had been warned that if she continued to be late for work – and many of the late times had been caused by her car – that she was in danger of losing her job. When the two of them returned to the vehicle, the parking brake had stuck. The vehicle was frozen in place. There was nothing to do but to call in and endure the tongue lashing from her supervisor because the vehicle failure caused her to miss an important meeting.

At Conaway Motors you can get car repair in Lynnwood, just give us a call at (425)905-2424 to set up an appointment or get that emergency taken care of before it gets to be a bigger problem. We understand that sometimes you have to nurse along an older vehicle until the money is right for buying something better; we also recognize that sometimes you have a car that is special to you, and you want to keep it running. Either way, we are here for you and your vehicle.