Your 90k Mile Service in Mill Creek

Your 90k Mile Service in Mill CreekConaway Motors is just the place to go for your 90k mile service in Mill Creek. What’s so special about your odometer ticking over to the 90k mile mark, you might ask. The answer is that your vehicle has given you service for quite a long while – or at least for many miles. This is the point at which auto manufacturers predict that certain parts will be likely to show considerable wear.

Just seeing the odometer tick over is only part of the story when it comes to wear on your vehicle. The type of climate where you normally drive also has an effect on it. Certain types of weather are more of a challenge than others, but each climate has its own set of unique features that can cause extra stress on mechanical parts. For example, where snow and ice is common during the winter, the salt and other chemicals used to melt the snow on the road increases the potential for rust on the underside of your car or truck. Sand abrades – that’s why sandpaper is such a handy part of a builder’s toolkit. It’s a good thing to have for smoothing wood, but not so great when it gets into moving parts where it rounds down things that should have crisp edges.

Give Conaway Motors a call at (425)905-2424 for your 90k mile service in Mill Creek. We pride ourselves on being the shop where honesty does not get left by the side of the road. Our goal is to provide to our customers’ good service and honest work at reasonable, competitive prices. We have to pay our bills, but we also understand that everyone has a budget – and that funds can be tight sometimes.