Your Auto Service in Marysville

Conaway Motors has knowledgeable mechanics who can take care of your auto service in Marysville. Regular service visits help prevent unexpected repairs, and assist with keeping your vehicle in good running order.

Auto Service in Marysville

A service visit can include checking lights, brakes, coolant levels, and oil. If needed it could include an oil change or changing out the coolant mix. It might also extend to changing out old filters for new filters, rotating tires or scheduling more extensive repairs, if needed. A service session for your car can prevent larger, more expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance will not forestall every problem, but it can keep your vehicle running longer. Better yet, preventative maintenance can be scheduled and funds allocated so that it does not become a budget-wrecking disaster. Of course, there are still those unexpected events, such as the new driver that backs into your vehicle or the suicidal deer that jumps out in front of you in rush hour traffic – those are accidents that, hopefully, are covered by your auto insurance. There are even repair issues that can turn up in spite of regular check-ups. Even so, scheduling a time to change oil, rotate tires, check the brakes and get new filters will prolong the life of your vehicle.

Conaway Motors is a family owned business with reliable, well-trained mechanics who will exercise due diligence when conducting your auto service in Marysville. If has been a while since your car was seen by an auto mechanic, give us a call at (425)905-2424 to schedule an appointment with our auto mechanics. You will increase the longevity and reliability of your vehicle, and decrease the possibility that your vehicle might break down unexpectedly far from help. We have the trained personnel, let us help you and your vehicle to have a better day.