Your Brake Repair in Lynnwood

Brake Repair in LynnwoodConaway Motors is ready to help with your brake repair in Lynnwood. Brakes are important for your safety and for the safety of those who share the road with you. As summer draws to a close, and autumn is coming on, brake repair can be an important part of your vehicle maintenance.

There are a lot of different symptoms that can indicate a need for  brake repair, short of the catastrophic one where your vehicle simply does not stop when it should. One of the first indications can be a slightly mushy feel to the brake pedal, instead of that firm feeling when you put your foot on it. Another can be having to “pump up” the brakes. Both of these are common in older vehicles that depend upon brake fluid. Squeaking or screeching sounds when you are coming to a stop are also warning sounds that indicate that your brakes are in need of help. This happens when the brake pads are wearing out and inside your vehicle’s wheels, metal is grinding on metal. A sound that you never want to hear is a steady shrill sound or squeak as you drive down the road. This is an indication that the ball bearings are in trouble. This can happen when the cushioning grease that surrounds them needs replaced or when one of them has become so warn that it is no longer perfectly round. When this occurs, those bearings start to shed tiny metal particles into the workings of the wheel. Not a good thing at all.

Conaway Motors is there for your brake repair in Lynnwood, just call (425)905-2424 if your brakes are showing signs of needing help. Our skilled mechanics are dedicated to the idea that honesty is not left by the side of the road in our shop and that good workmanship essential.