Your Car Service in Lake Stevens

Your Car Service in Lake StevensAt Conaway Motors we can help with your car service in Lake Stevens. Winter is tough on automobiles, especially on one that you use to go to work each day. Spring is a good time for an over-all car service that can reveal wear and tear on your vehicle before it becomes a major repair.

Car service can include everything from checking the undercarriage to hooking your vehicle up to a computer and running diagnostics on the timing and compression. It should certainly include simple things, such as changing the oil, and all of the filters – including the one on your air conditioner that filters road dust and similar items out of the air pulled into the passenger compartment. A brake and transmission check are also a good idea. Car service could also include cleaning the motor – a process that makes it easier to see areas of wear. An over-all check can help your vehicle run better, can help spot potential problems, and allow you to set up a maintenance schedule that will help keep your vehicle running correctly in the months ahead. Summer is coming – and you don’t want to miss out on the fun because you don’t have a way to get to where the action is happening.

Conaway Motors is available to schedule your car service in Lake Stevens. Just give us a call at (425)905-2424 to schedule getting a full service for your vehicle today. When your vehicle starts at the turn of a key, your brakes respond correctly, your motor fires in the right order, and fresh air fills the passenger compartment when you turn on the air conditioner, you will know that is your vehicle thanking you  for the care you have given to it.