Your One-Stop Auto Service in Bothell

Your One-Stop Auto Service in BothellAutomobiles require regular checks and service in order to keep them well maintained and to keep them running properly. Keep yours in good shape and avoid roadside breakdown. Our extensive services and dedication to keeping you safe and your car in good condition  makes us a great fit when in need of auto service in Bothell. Give us a call today!

What Is Included in an Auto Service?

Typical auto service includes checking the brakes, inspecting the battery, changing fluids, etc. Car manufacturers often recommend owners follow a maintenance schedule to keep their vehicle in good shape.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Auto Service?

  • Read the manual and follow important guidelines. Stay confident by cross-checking that services are done as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Get your car serviced by a licensed company that also provides warranties on repairs.
  • Ask for discounts and deals available for the season to save on costs.
  • Ask questions about the maintenance and tips that may help you protect your car better.
  • Report any changes in your car’s performance.

Keeping your car in running shape also has other benefits. It gives you a good resale price when you decide to sell or trade in your car. If you don’t plan to part ways with your vehicle, regular service will help keep it running for a long time.

At Conaway Motors, we always aim to provide our customers prompt service for their vehicles. If you want to give your car the best auto service in Bothell, then bring it to Conaway Motors today! Call us at (425) 905-2424 to book an appointment.