Your Respected Volvo Service & Repair Shop Near Bothell: In Pursuit of Sustainability

Your Respected Volvo Service and Repair Shop Near Bothell: In Pursuit of Sustainability

Conaway Motors is your respected Volvo Service & Repair Shop Near Bothell.  We specialize in European cars like the Volvo.  Volvo, unlike many car companies, pursues sustainability.  Volvo does this in many ways, and to keep the trend going you need a repair shop that understands that.  Here at Conaway Motors, we strive to continue the trend with our quality work and guidelines.

Volvo’s sustainability goes a long way; their cars on the road are durable and environmentally friendly.  But care is needed to keep your Volvo in good operating condition.  On average, they use around 26 mpg which makes it easy on your pocket.  But sustainability goes farther than holding down personal user costs. The Volvo V90, for example, is the top-rated midsized crossover wagon according to the EPA, and when competing against electric cars that is a feat.  Often forgotten is the production cost of sustainability.  Volvo can proudly state that they reduced energy to build Volvo’s for a year by 43 GWh, and by 3,000 cubic meters of water, as well as 602 tons of steel, and 292 tons of aluminum. In addition, Volvo recycles parts from older vehicles, as well as using recycled metal and plastic in the production process. This means that Volvo manufacturing has a much smaller footprint on the planet when compared to vehicles that use newly processed materials. Volvo also took steps to reduce emissions into the environment.

Conaway Motors is your Volvo Service & Repair Shop Near Bothell, call us at (425)905-2424 when a service visit is needed for maintenance or repairs. We have the skills, the tools and the diagnostic machines that are right for your Volvo.   Let us help you continue the trend of sustainability with your Volvo by making sure work is done correctly with the least impact on our planet.