Your Saab Service & Repair Shop near Snohomish: Repairs with Honesty and Pride

Saab service & repair shop near Snohomish

Conaway Motors is proud to be your Saab service & repair shop near Snohomish. The Saab is a unique vehicle. It was born from an aeronautics plant and immediately started racing. The brand is known for quirky innovations and unique approach to engineering.

What it is not known for,  is fiscal stability. In 2011, the Saab company went bankrupt. In the dispute that followed, the owners of the brand went one way while the physical accouterments of the production plants went in another direction. Since then, it seems likely that the brand will be replaced by NEVS –National Electric Vehicle Sweden. In 2017, four new Saab models were announced, but the response has been lukewarm. Something that might be of greater interest to current Saab owners is that replacement parts are likely to be available. Saab USA Parts will be a likely provider for U.S. Saab owners, and Parts for Life will provide parts for other regions, as well as the U.S. This is good news for us, too, because it means that we can give our customers a positive report when their beautiful vehicle needs repairs. No doubt, there will be other parts providers, as well.

Conaway Motors is proud to be your Saab service & repair shop near Snohomish, just call (425)905-2424 if your vehicle needs attention. We are always glad to work on this brand. As with all our repairs, we promise an honest and accurate estimate before we begin work, and then to do our best repair work for our customers.  We are the company that makes sure that honesty is not left by the side of the road – that’s our motto, and we work hard to stick by it.