Your Snohomish 30K Mile Service

Auto manufacturers recommend your Snohomish 30K mile service, and here at Conaway Motors we endorse this idea. Regular service checks, in addition to other maintenance, insures that all your car parts are working properly together.

Snohomish 30K Mile Service

If you take your vehicle to your regular mechanic for its 30k mile checkup, he or she will have records of the previous maintenance that has been done on your vehicle in that shop. One of the “scare” stories displayed on some Internet websites is of mechanic’s increasing the price for a 30K mile service as compared to ordinary maintenance prices. Others encourage automobile owners to do some of their own checking – and that is not a totally bad idea. If you pre-inspect your car, you have some idea of the things that are probably going to need repair. But in many cases, in order to maintain your warranty, you will need to have a 30k mile service by a licensed mechanic. The list isn’t really all that frightening. It includes an oil change, checking all fluids, changing out filters, aligning and rotating the tires, checking the brakes, and running diagnostics on the spark plugs and related parts. These are things that should be taken care of on a regular basis – particularly if you rely on your vehicle for your work or even for personal transportation. Maintenance service can prevent more costly repairs in your vehicle’s future.

At Conaway Motors our Snohomish 30K mile service goal for your vehicle is to make those simple maintenance tasks to help prevent bigger repairs. We know your vehicle is important to you, and we will treat it with even better care than we give our own. Give us a call at (425)905-2424 to schedule your 30k mile service checkup today.