Audi Repair & Service in Everett, Washington

Truth In Audi Engineering

With Audi auto repair, the truth is simple. Engineering, however, is not. The concept of Truth In Audi  Engineering is what gives the brilliant spark to Audi vehicles. From the mind of the designer to flawless execution on the street and racetrack, every last millimeter of an Audi is born from Truth In Engineering. The result is an auto that the thinker, the car lover, and the racer in you can believe in.

We Install All Major Audi OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Your Luxury Audi Automobile

Audi is known for being the brand within the Volkswagen Group for impressive luxury vehicles. The company manufactures a wide range of vehicles that includes everything from compact options all the way to versatile crossover SUVs. The vehicle branch was originally founded by August Horch and then merged with DKW and Wanderer in 1932 to create a company known as Auto Union. You may recognize the hood emblem with four rings, which is a piece of the puzzle that symbolizes this historic merger.

Throughout the years, Audi has been famous for amazing technical innovations. The car in Europe to bring together a six-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive was the Audi Front. Audi then became the first automobile on the mass market in 1994 to offer corrosion prevention with a 100% galvanized car body. In 1997, the introduction of the Audi A8 brought forth the groundbreaking aluminum space frame technology and this vehicle is actually the only car that has both all-wheel drive and a 12-cylinder engine.

What We Can Do For You And Your Audi Automobile

When you bring your Audi in for service, you can feel confident with our expertise and highly-trained technicians. We are available for maintenance and repair on both brand new and older models. Whether you are looking for regular service, you have major repairs on the horizon or you are hoping to get parts and accessories, we are here to meet all of your needs while exceeding your expectation. From air conditioning and fuel system work to electrical issues and brakes, we have the right technicians to tackle the job.

Some of the more common problems that we address with Audi models include:

  • Coolant leaks
  • Oil leaks
  • Timing chains
  • Thermostat housing
  • Water Outlet housing

When you bring your vehicle to see us, you will be protecting your investment. We perform all of the Audi maintenance you need at the suggested intervals. Just a sampling of the work we provide includes:

  • Brake fluid flushing
  • Climate Control
  • Synthetic oil change
  • Power steering
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Computerized wheel alignment
  • Transmission service
  • Tire rotation and wheel balance
  • Suspension service
  • Engine repair or replacement
  • Convertible top repair and more

Regardless of your automotive needs, your Audi is an investment worth taking care of. When you choose Conaway Motors for all of your Audi Repair & Service needs, you can feel good about your decision.

Audi auto repair at Conaway Motors is simple. We have over 50 years experience servicing Audi vehicles. With our certified technicians and experience, the best Audi auto repair is a sure thing! For immediate Audi Repair or Audi Service on your vehicle, contact us now.