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Daewoo Motors was a popular automotive company in its heyday and gained an appreciation for its unique designs. In 1995, the company became defunct but left behind thousands of happy owners with beautiful vehicles in hand. The company was sold to General Motors in 2001 and now functions under GM Korea. At Conaway Motors, we have years of experience in handling Daewoo models and appreciate its nuances better than anyone else. We use refined techniques to maximize the vehicle’s performance and ensure the quality is on par with our client’s needs. For the best Daewoo repair & service in Everett WA, Conaway Motors is the right team.

Our Repairs Include:

  • Full Servicing Including: Brakes, Diagnostics, Electrical, Clutch, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission, Suspension and much more…
  • OEM Parts


We Install All Daewoo OEM Parts and Accessories When Available


Daewoo had a great collection of models and is still appreciated for its Royale Series because of the elegant design. Whether it was the Daewoo Royale Salon Super or the Daewoo Royale Prince, these vehicles were adored by the masses and can still be seen from time to time. Owners of these vehicles can feel safe with Conaway Motors because the team recognizes the intricacies of each model. We have dealt with these models in the past and have a good understanding of how to maintain them. We also work well with the Daewoo LeMans as that was one of the most commercially successful vehicles on offer at the time of its release.

One of the unique qualities of Daewoo was its logo because it changed over time as the company evolved. In the beginning, it was a simple “DAEWOO” in capital lettering that was displayed at the front of the vehicle and on the back. As the company grew larger and larger with a wide array of models, it took up the “Double D” logo that became synonymous with its luxury vehicles. The company also went through an assortment of slogans including “Driving Innovation” and “Better Future.”

At the time of its release, the Imperial became a world-class model for Daewoo Motors. It was a mid-size car that had the sweeping style of Daewoo Royale. This was a unique build and something people fell in love with quickly. The Imperial was a stunning balance between durability and innovation that won people over. Drivers adored its styling and the wide array of features including leather upholstery, power door locks, vinyl roofing, and anti-lock breaks to name a few. It was an incredibly powerful combination of features that made it stand out. These vehicles were present all over America because of their inherent beauty that was impossible to ignore.

While other repair services in the region refuse to work with Daewoo vehicles, we are always willing to accept the task at hand. Our team is more than qualified to use its modern-day techniques on these vehicles. In fact, we adore taking a look at these vehicles because we’re car enthusiasts at heart! This is what makes us special and a great fit for car owners. Bring the vehicle in and let us take a look at what’s going on!

For quality Daewoo repair & service in Everett, please feel free to call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424.