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Pontiac was a robust car brand produced, owned, and sold by General Motors for generations. At the time of its inception, Pontiac was supposed to offer extensive value as an affordable “companion” for expensive models. As the years went by, it was able to overtake its companion (Oakland Automobiles) and dominate the segment. It was a division of General motors and was named after the area it was founded in, “Pontiac, Michigan.” At Conaway Motors, we continue to see various Pontiac models roll into the garage and are more than willing to work on them with our world-class Pontiac repair & service.

Our Repairs Include:

  • Climate Control
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing
  • General Maintenance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Transmission Service
  • Power Steering Service
  • And More!

When Pontiac entered the market in 1926, it was offering well-designed vehicles producing 40 HP using 6-cylinder engines. At that point in time, Pontiac was renowned for having the shortest stroke of all American vehicles. The Pontiac Chief was able to sell well and over 39,000+ models hit the roads as eager owners made the purchase. As the year went on, the Pontiac Chief was able to claim the seventh spot among all vehicles in overall sales.

By 1948, Pontiac was starting to release newer models with its Hydra-Matic automatic transmission and it started to catch the interest of automotive enthusiasts. Not only did Pontiac change the transmission, the brand also worked on various other nuances such as the body lines and rear fenders. Both features were changed and lowered to offer a unique appearance to the lineup. To maximize these changes, Pontiac came up with a new model named the “Torpedo” and stated to sell it with the GM B-Body platform. As 1953 rolled around, the brand was already looking at offering one-piece windshields instead of the traditional two-piece solutions.

It was during the 1980s and 1990s when the brand started to dominate and do well in a wide array of segments because of its unique style, affordability, and utility. Car enthusiasts adored the Firebird and felt it was an absolute joy to drive around. The intrigue surrounding the vehicle continues to remain to this day as people get behind the wheel to rush down the road. In addition to the Firebird, there have been various models that continued to do well in the 1990s such as the Montana, Grand Prix, and GTO.

At Conaway Motors, we have seen various models come in such as the Montana, Firebird, GTO, and various other special designs that have gained our approval. We are a team that is in love with Pontiac and always smile when one rolls into the garage for a quick repair job. Pontiac owners looking for a small or large repair job are welcome to come over to our location and have a qualified specialist take a look at what’s happening. We will make sure to use OEM parts and offer comprehensive repair work as soon as possible.

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