Kia Repair & Service
KIA’s rise in the automotive world has been one for the ages as it received minimal attention during the 90s. It was determined as a Korean automotive company and wanted to stand out in front of its competitors (i.e. Hyundai). It was a team of professionals that aimed to build robust and reliable vehicles without flair. It was about optimizing engineering methods to offer substance. This mindset remains at the forefront of what Kia stands for as it rises up the charts and becomes a household name. Its distinctive design and modern appearance are impossible to ignore and it’s the reason Kia has become a prominent player in the automotive world. At Conaway Motors, our technicians are experienced and offer seamless KIA repair & service without a fuss.

We Install All Major Kia OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Our Kia Repairs Include:

  • Power Steering Adjustments
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • Timing Chain Repairs
  • Thermostat Housing Repair/Replacement
  • Oil Changes
  • And More!

KIA’s humble beginnings included a small company founded in 1944. The company at the time was named KyungSung Precision Industry before changing it to KIA Industries in 1951. The company worked on a wide array of assets including personal vehicles, motorcycles, and even bicycles. It was in 1970 when KIA decided to jump headfirst into the world of cars and trucks. KIA received its name at the time because it stood for “To Come Out” meaning the company that comes out of the East. Its name is a powerful example of what it stands for and what it hopes to represent.

KIA was able to build robust partnerships including the most important one of them all with Mazda. This helped the company come up with a reliable and inexpensive engine that would be used for a wide array of models during the 80s. KIA was able to create its model “Pride” with the help of this wonderful engine. By 1988, KIA had already gone on to develop a million vehicles. Everyone started to figure out its potential and appreciated the well-rounded design quality. It was deemed to be an elite and inexpensive option among its competition.

As time went on, KIA motors took a few hurdles along the way before coming back even stronger in 1999. It combined with Hyundai to become a powerhouse that is known to the world now. KIA Motors is now established in over 190 countries and has an incredible network of dealerships.

Conaway Motors appreciates the KIA brand and understands its nuances better than anyone else. Our technicians continue to source OEM parts from KIA in a bid to offer seamless repairs. Everything is done in-house to garner positive results including the initial diagnostics. We are focused on putting our best foot forward by offering innovative and compact solutions in line with KIA’s branding. KIA’s determination is one of its biggest advantages, as it now owns the largest car assembly factor on the planet in South Korea (Ulsan). We exhibit the same passion for our repair work and it’s something all clients can take advantage of.

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