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Luxury and prestige are the first two words that come to mind when thinking about Lincoln. It’s one of the most historic and adored brands of its time and has become an American classic when it comes to VIP vehicles. It holds a high spot among the top echelon of luxury car manufacturers. It has decades of experience behind it and is one of those brands that continue to get stronger with time. Whenever people hear about Lincoln, they immediate picture power, quality, and an incredible amount of class. At Conaway Motors, we hope to exude the same qualities through our craftsmanship and attention to detail, as that’s what remains important to us. We offer robust Lincoln repair & service to all clients.

Our Repairs Include:

  • Suspension Service
  • General Maintenance (i.e. Oil Changes)
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Transmission Service
  • Battery Replacements
  • And More!

It was in 1917 when a man named Henry M. Leland felt it was time to launch the Cadillac auto brand. However, his next venture under the Lincoln Motor Company was named after famous President Abraham Lincoln. He was Leland’s hero and that was something he felt proud to represent through his vehicles. While Leland wasn’t able to see out the success of his company, Ford swooped in and took over in 1922 for a large sum of $8 million. By the 1930s, Ford was ready to use Lincoln as a powerful brand with the inclusion of two robust V12 engine models (KB and Zephyr). These models picked up a lot of fame because of their power and that led to Ford ramping up production.

Over time, Lincoln continued to grow and started the adored Lincoln Continental, which continues to be seen to this day. It was a convertible at that point and started to gain popularity as World War II came around. While production had to stop due to the war, it started right back up again as soon as the war ended.

By the 1950s, Lincoln had begun to work on its design and made natural tweaks such as the ladder frame, bodywork changes, and driveline enhancements. It was these details that started to push Lincoln towards a high-end luxury vehicle. It was in 1956 when the brand decided it was best to launch a new model named “Premiere” before coming back with the Continental in 1961. The brand quickly grew in popularity among business moguls because of its unique appearance that suited their style. It was a sign of quality that was impossible to ignore and it did capture their imagination in seconds.

While Lincoln continues to be appreciated for its luxury vehicles, the brand has spread its wings into other segments of the market including sports sedans and SUVs. At Conaway Motors, we have taken all of this on-board and continued to put in the work to offer seamless repairs because that is what we do best.

We Install All Major Lincoln OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

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