Honda Repair & Service

Honda is an automotive powerhouse and a brand that’s taken a life of its own over the years. In 1906, Soichiro Honda was born and quietly grew into an automotive genius on the basis of his passion for cars. He spent countless hours from dusk to dawn working away in his small private workshop. The goal was to create a beautiful design that was fun, reliable, and beautiful. In 1946, he was able to launch the Honda Brand and start working on his entrepreneurial journey. At Conaway Motors, we have helped repair thousands of Hondas and continue to do so to this day. This is the beauty of our Honda repair & service solutions. Our appreciation for this reliable brand cannot be stated enough as it’s an impeccable balance of quality, beauty, and perfection.


We Install All Major Honda OEM Parts and Accessorie When Available


Our Honda Repairs Include:

  • Synthetic Oil Changes
  • State-of-the-Art Transmission Service
  • Suspension Service
  • Power Steering Adjustments
  • Climate Control Service
  • Brake Fluid Flushing
  • And More!

Soichiro Honda was fascinated by motor vehicles but his mind continued to race towards motorized bicycles and motorcycles. He wanted to create a robust collection of power units and that’s what he did in 1949. The Dream Type D was released into the market and became a fan favorite. Over time, he started working on different motor vehicles including the car and started to gain acclaim as “Mr. Thunder.” He was a man with a temper but that was the reason for his success, as he demanded perfection from everyone including himself.

The Honda Civic is the most common vehicle to come to our location and it has a rich history behind it. In 1972, Honda released this model as it wanted to compete with European counterparts on their home turf. It was an opportunity to grab a segment of the market and make it their own. Once it released, the Japanese manufacturer rapidly grew into an automotive giant. The Honda Civic became a household topic and went on to sell millions of units. With growing confidence, Honda went out and designed the Honda Accord. This confidence was well-founded as the innovative designs and unique parts combined to become a best seller worldwide. It sold over 8 million units during the year and continued to be in demand.

At Conaway Motors, we have the expertise and passion to analyze a wide array of Honda models because that’s what we do best. Whether it’s a Honda Civic or a Honda Accord, we are on top of things from day one. We appreciate the nuances of these vehicles and want to make sure things are done properly. Our team is equipped with powerful diagnostic tools and continues to supply OEM parts for all Honda vehicles.

Along with their traditional vehicles, Honda went out and changed the game with its Honda CR-V. The vehicle was a first of its kind and got labeled as the “crossover” among enthusiasts. It was a class that separated itself from other models and started becoming a part of modern-day life. Honda is now spread across 33 countries and has 120 facilities under its name. This is one of the leading manufacturers and is a brand we are equipped to repair.

To get started on Honda repair & service, please reach out to Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424.