Mitsubishi Repair & Service
Mitsubishi is one of the most historic names in the world and that includes non-automotive businesses. It’s a brand that has dominated over the years and has a century-long history to fall back on. It is one of the most revered automotive brands because of its innovative designs, unique business practices, and willingness to try new things. It was in 1917 when Mitsubishi entered the world of vehicles with the Model A. The goal was to launch a world-class series-production car that would be luxurious, beautiful, and durable. It was also the lynchpin in all design efforts for the Debonair 50 years later.

We Install All Major Mitsubishi OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

At Conaway Motors, we recognize the intricate history of Mitsubishi and continue to build our knowledge bank. Our technicians are specialists with years of expertise in handling Mitsubishi cars and are passionate enthusiasts. By trusting our team for all related repairs, clients are guaranteed to receive comprehensive assistance.

Our Mitsubishi Repairs Include:

  • Detailed Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Complete Brake Fluid Flushing
  • Suspension Service
  • Engine Repairs
  • Tire Rotation and Wheel Balancing
  • Power Steering Adjustments
  • Lube, Oil, and Filter

It was in 1914 when the logo was released. It was a logo made for their shipbuilding company as it aimed to blend a pair of family crests together. It was a big part of the company’s existence at the time before it was trademarked. The name came after two words mitsu and hishi (pronounced “bishi”) were combined. Mitsu means “three” and Bishi means “chestnut,” and that’s how the name was produced.

The brand is more than just a name, as it has become a major player around the world. It is currently the 16th largest manufacturer in the automotive industry and has sold across the planet (160 countries). It has also signed up with other leading brands such as Chrysler, Hyundai, and Volvo to share ideas. Mitsubishi is more than just a name as it has become one of the core leaders in automotive technology. It’s one of the most respected brands in the world and continues to grow to this day.

Mitsubishi has always been at the forefront of innovation and this was evident during 1976 when its “Silent Shaft” engine was released. The engine was revolutionary at the time and went on to be used by the likes of Saab and Porsche. With its continuous advances in the automotive world, Their core developers went on to release the traction control system found in modern-day cars too. Mitsubishi started to gain traction in the US and was officially introduced to Americans in 1982. This is when they launched a new line of vehicles including the Tredia, Starion, and Cordia. America loved these high-quality vehicles and continued to buy them in bunches as time went on.

With such a wide array of vehicles and a passion for modernization, Mitsubishi has become a revolutionary automotive brand. At Conaway Motors, we regularly repair these vehicles and have a great understanding of their intricate details. This ensures the repairs are swift, safe, and efficient.

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