Suzuki Repair & Service
In 1920, Michio Suzuki established “Suzuki” and started manufacturing looms. Over time, he started assessing the market and realized an inherent demand for world-class vehicles. By 1937, he had established his first project and began working on a newly designed motorbike. This experience led him to launch a separate series car in 1952. The Suzuki brand has grown leaps and bounds since the initial launch and is now highly respected for its work internationally. For Suzuki car owners, our team at Conaway Motors offers top Suzuki repair & service.

We Install All Major Suzuki OEM Parts and Accessories When Available

Our Suzuki Repairs Include:

  • ASE Certified Servicing
  • Full Maintenance Diagnostics
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Oil Changes
  • Suspension Service
  • Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment
  • Power Steering Service
  • And More!

Suzuki’s first successful launch was the 360 cc Suzulight in 1955. This passenger car had a unique design and stood out among its Japanese competitors. The brand believed in offering vehicles with balance, sharpness, and overall efficiency. This has remained true to this day as Suzuki launches newer models. Its success as an automotive company is seen through the numbers being put up. Over time, Suzuki has managed to out produce both BMW and Mercedes. It is also home to over 15,000 employees across 170 nations and is a brand respected for its trustworthiness.

The respect for Suzuki’s craftsmanship is noted throughout the world as General Motors remains a shareholder to this day. The company contributed to the company’s growth and believed in its core vision. This has led to the triumph of one of Japan’s greatest automotive companies. Suzuki has also engaged the rest of the market with its wide array of models including the Maruti variation in India.

At Conaway Motors, our eyes are always focused on analyzing various models including Suzuki’s lineup. Our team does its research and prides itself on offering meaningful repair solutions. We offer regular servicing such as oil changes, tire replacements, and complex repairs including transmission/engine issues. Everything is done in-house with the help of our top-tier diagnostic tools. We strive to be the best and that’s what Suzuki owners love about us!

Suzuki has come a long way since its early days but its willingness to innovate remains the same. The brand started with its incredibly popular Hayabusa, which was a robust two-wheeler that could hit top speeds of around 300 km/h. (186 MPH). The brand appreciates its reputation in the market and that’s what lets it exceed to greater heights. Osamu Suzuki has spent 30+ years as the leader of Suzuki after being given the reins by his father-in-law. This experience has led him to appreciate the role his company has to play and the value it holds in the eyes of everyone.

By speaking to one of our representatives and getting a gauge of what works, our team can deliver exceptional results from day one. Bring in the Suzuki and let us get to work immediately! We are a passionate and proven team of professionals with years of experience in handling various Suzuki models.

To gain access to the best Suzuki repair & service call in and speak to Conaway’s finest technicians at (425)905-2424.