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Oldsmobile is one of those brands that remained an active part of the automotive community for generations and had a key role in the progression of modern-day technology. It started off as an extension of Olds Motor Vehicle Co. in 1897 and was founded by a man named Ransom E. Olds. It was designed to be an entry-level luxury brand that would extend General Motors’ reach in America within the niche market. At Conaway Motors, we are able to work on a wide array of entry-level luxury brands including Oldsmobile. For the best Oldsmobile repair & service, we are the right team and will provide incredible value from day one.

Our Repairs Include:

  • General Maintenance
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Battery Replacements
  • Suspension Service
  • And More!

In its early days, the factory was housed in Lansing, Michigan and worked on producing a run of 635 vehicles (high-volume gas-powered cars). At the time, it was competing with brands such as Locomobile and Columbia Electric. By 1903, Oldsmobile had started to dominate its competition due to the quality of their features. Everything started with the robust Oldsmobile Curved Dash as it was the company’s premier mass-produced car and was built using a methodical assembly line. It is important to note, Oldsmobile was one of the first companies to use the assembly line (not the “moving” assembly line like Ford!) and that made it easier to mass-produce the model.

Oldsmobile’s progression was evident from day one as it continued to burst forward in the 1930s. It was able to pioneer a brilliant four-speed semi-automatic transmission and delivered it in the form of its Oldsmobile 8 Convertible Coupe. It made the vehicle easier to transition from lower to higher gears without additional measures. By the 1940s, Oldsmobile had stated to work on the fully automatic transmission and named it the “Hydramatic” because it didn’t require a clutch pedal. Instead, it had a regular gear selector on the steering column.

The 1970s and 1980s were a unique time for the brand as it looked to find a place among the domestic brands. This included building a robust lineup with names such as Omega, Toronado, Cutlass Supreme, 98, Cutlass Ciera, and the Custom Cruiser. Each model brought something new to the table and the lineup continued to grow throughout the years with some being extended into the 1990s. This was one of the best eras for Oldsmobile because it was popular among various age groups and segments of the market. Many vehicles from the era can still be seen around because of their popularity as age-old classics.

At Conaway Motors, we have seen a variety of Oldsmobile models ranging all the way back to the early 1900s. Our team is able to rectify all lingering concerns and will deliver incredible results once the car rolls in. Bring in the Oldsmobile and watch our team go to work.

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