Mercury Auto Repair and Service Shop in Everett WA

When Mercury launched in the 1930s, it was a battle against Ford to put together a robust 2-speed Columbia rear axle that provided increased performance, greater power, and better control. Mercury set the tone with its world-class models named the Mercury and Mercury Eight. It is an automaker that aimed to grow itself on the shoulders of quality, consistency, and professionalism. At Conaway Motors, we live by the same rules and offer terrific Mercury repair & service based on what clients require. By speaking to one of our technicians, it’s possible to receive world-class repairs while enjoying the process.

We Install All Major Mercury OEM Parts and Accessories When Available


Our Repairs Include:

  • General Maintenance (Oil Changes)
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Battery Replacements
  • Suspension Service
  • And More!

Mercury continued to grow as a brand and put together modernistic designs that were built to appeal. It was the unique “Eliminator” that became a big part of the Mercury Comet as it was designed with a 4-speed stick. The design team took a look at the competition and came up with a seamless aluminum-case solution named the Borg-Warner T-10. It was all about getting the shifting down to a science while maintaining performance metrics. Their lead designer Don Nicholson brought these results to the forefront in the late 60s.

Mercury maintained its muscle cars and even entered in various drag racing competitions over the years but their focus remained on expansion. This started with the inclusion of a full-size sedan line that was built on the Ford platform. It was named the Meteor and had a unique price point right between the Comet and Monterey. The brand continued to reorganize its lineup by trying different combinations and names such as the S-22 or the S-33. They even played around with the rooflines to offer customers with unique variations in each model.

As time went on, the brand was looking to push itself past its current state in the 1960s and wanted to grow quickly. This included the inception of the robust Mercury Montego as it was based on Ford’s Torino. It was supposed to be a luxury vehicle and it did offer incredible comfort. Thousands of people got their hands on the model and drove it around during the early 1970s. This vehicle was redesigned in the mid-1970s with a new chassis that was built tough. This redesign included style variations with new colors, curves, and details.

At Conaway Motors, we have seen the development of Mercury over time and have worked with several models such as the Comet and Monterey. We are more than happy to sit down and work on one of these models when they role in. Our technicians are equipped to handle the nuances of these repair jobs and will be able to bring the vehicle back to its original state. This is the charm of relying on our repair service since we offer nothing but the best.

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