Air Conditioning Service in Winter? Conaway Motors

The last thing on your mind this time of year is your Everett vehicle’s Air Conditioning System. The AC Specialists at Conaway Motors, however, recommend that you perform regular seasonal inspection of the AC in your vehicle. Although most automobile manufactures do not include servicing the Air Conditioning (AC) system in regular maintenance recommendations, you should be aware that car AC units must receive regular maintenance to remain in peak operating condition. Like every other part of your car, the various components of your vehicles AC can suffer problems. It is always a good idea to have your AC serviced after summer; should there be any problems, they will be solved before next time you need the AC. With regular maintenance, you can save a lot of time and aggravation. The most common problems with automobile air conditioning systems are:

  1. The air conditioning unit is not putting out cool air. Often the seals on the refrigerant unit become brittle and crack during the winter when the AC is not being used. This can cause the unit to not function properly. The AC Experts at Conaway Motors will replace any ruptured seals as indicated on inspection.
  2. Leaks can cause the car to lose coolant. Coolant leaking results in the AC unit blowing warm air. Old hoses and leaking AC parts are the likely reason for refrigerant leaks. The AC Specialists at Conaway Motors can replace any worn hoses or other leaking components to eliminate leaking coolant.
  3. Problems with the condenser or evaporator can also cause AC problems. When the condenser becomes dirty, it can block the air flow eliminating cool air production. The evaporator cools the air in the passenger compartment. Any malfunction of the evaporator will also prevent the AC from producing cool air.
  4. Tube blockage. The AC system in your vehicle includes several tubes. If one or more tubes are blocked, you will notice a significant reduction in cool air in the passenger compartment.
  5. Bacteria build up can happen when your AC is not used often. When this happens, it can lead to illness for you or your passengers when breathing the mold spores that result from a buildup of bacteria.
  6. Strange noises coming from your AC should be checked immediately by the AC Experts at Conaway Motors. Unusual noises could indicate damage to the air conditioning compressor, which can be a very expensive repair if not dealt with early.


The AC Specialists at Conaway Motors will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s air conditioning system that can head off expensive repairs down the road.  Regular inspections will catch any air conditioning problems early before serious damage occurs. Call Conaway Motors today to schedule your vehicle’s air conditioning inspection.