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Volvo service & repair shop near Mill Creek

Conaway Motors is your Volvo service & repair shop near Mill Creek. We specialize in European and Asian made vehicles, as well as working on U.S. brands that have parts made in Europe or Asia. Our goals are to always give you fair and honest estimates, and to keep you informed of any unexpected surprises when we get into your motor. Volvo is an interesting vehicle, and we’d like to share a few of the points that make it special.

Volvo was the first vehicle to use the three-point seat belt – the one that is now standard for front seats in most vehicles, and even in back seats for vans. It sparked the imagination of writers. Sir Roger Moore, the fictional character also known as The Saint, drove a Volvo that had been special engineered with an Aston-Martin engine. One was never made in real life, but it is certainly a thought.

The very first Volvo was the Jakob Hot-Rod, an open-topped vehicle that resembles a modern dune buggy. In 2007, Leif Tufvesson built a replica of the hotrod. Volvo bought the vehicle, and put it in the Volvo museum. But the thing that makes Volvo really special, is that they are tough little vehicles into which you can pack five kids and a dog, with a batch of camping gear on the roof, and an impressive amount of camp food in the hatch, yet still travel in style.

Conaway Motors is your Volvo service & repair shop near Mill Creek, call us at (425) 905-2424 when it is time for your next service visit. We have the skills, the tools and the diagnostic machines that are right for your excellent machine. We know you love your Volvo, and we will treat it right.