Fuel System Service In Lake Stevens That You Can Depend On

Fuel System Service In Lake Stevens That You Can Depend On

The fuel systems on vehicles have gone through many changes throughout the years. Older vehicles have carburetors that provide fuel to the engine, yet they were not as efficient as they should be. In recent years, if you have a car that has a fuel injector system, it is best to have regular maintenance. We are here to help if you are due for fuel system service in Lake Stevens.

Even though newer vehicles do not have a system that is as complicated as the older carburetor style, you still have to get it cleaned from time to time. This calls for help from trained technicians. Depending on the age of your vehicle and what it gets for mileage, our team can let you know how often you should be coming in for maintenance.

Fuel System Service Includes:

  • Chemical cleaning of the fuel system
  • Replacing any of the worn components – which may include the fuel injectors, fuel filter, or fuel pump

The fuel filter on your vehicle should be changed about every 30,000 miles or at an interval suggested within your owner’s manual. With a fuel injector or fuel pump, they may not need replacing until they start to show signs of wear. The fuel pump may start hard, or you will notice lower fuel pressure.

When you are ready to have your fuel system cleaned inside out, you can count on our staff here at Conaway Motors. We have a trained team that will ensure everything is operating safely and accurately so that you can get the most enjoyment and drivability out of your vehicle.

We have trained technicians available at Conaway Motors to perform fuel system service in Lake Stevens. Call (425) 905-2424 for an appointment.