What You Need To Know About 90K Mile Tune Ups

What You Need To Know About 90K Mile Tune Ups

As a vehicle owner, certain routine checks and maintenance tasks must be taken care of on schedule to avoid potential problems. Avoiding regular service on your car can result in safety issues and expensive repairs. Some of the most critical check-ups you have to look forward to should take place at 30/60/90k miles. If you’ve had your car for a while or just bought a used vehicle, you may be in search of a 90k-mile tune-up service in Lynwood. Conaway Motors is here to help you with a quick and efficient solution so you can get back to your priorities.

When To Schedule 90k Mile Tune-Up 

The answer to this one is easy. When your car reaches 90,000 miles on the dashboard, it will be time to bring it in for service. This can occur after a few years of ownership or right away for pre-owned vehicle buyers! 

What To Expect During a 90k Mile Tune-Up 

When taking your car in for a 90k mile tune-up service, you can expect the professional to perform several checks and maintenance tasks. These include: 

  • Change of car fluids – Your technician may change your vehicle’s oil, coolant, and transmission fluid during your visit. 
  • Replacement filters – Changing the filters in your air conditioning system or fuel filters may be necessary.  
  • Tire rotation – Tire rotation is a standard service included at 90k miles. 
  • General inspection – Your car will be inspected in all areas with all necessary maintenance before you go. 

Call Conaway Motors 

Your 90k mile tune-up service in Lynwood will be a breeze at Conaway Motors. Simply call us at (425) 905-2424, and our trained staff members will quickly get you in and out the door. Don’t stress about car maintenance; schedule your appointment today!