Your Repsected BMW Service & Repair Shop Near Mill Creek.

BMW Service & Repair Shop Near Mill Creek

Conaway Motors is your respected BMW Service & Repair Shop Near Mill Creek. Our specialty is European cars, like BMW. Compared to western automobiles, many European cars are not just a status statement, but a piece of art. Our goal is to always give our customers a fair and reasonable price, as well as to keep them well informed.

British Motor Works has a long and interesting history and it can use it in making automobiles. This is something that causes them to have a mixed reputation for the automobiles they specialize in, which range from speed cars to luxury cars. In reality, they are both, yet neither. BMW built plane engines in World War I, designed airplane interiors, made motorbikes, developed race cars, and much more. Many say it is a company of all things.  It has been a leader in aerodynamics when designing car bodies since nearly the start of the company. With the changes to aerodynamics, it increased the top strait-line speed while making the car look more appealing to the public. It turns functionality into a statement, creating a streamlined automobile with a respected name on it. To this day, many companies copy and work to improve their performance by looking for innovations in aerodynamics. To keep car top speeds up, companies try many things from spoilers to using air pressure differences, to keep the sports car streamlined.

Conaway Motors is your BMW Service & Repair Shop near Mill Creek, call us at (425)905-2424 when a service visit is needed for maintenance or repairs. We have the skills, the tools and the diagnostic machines that are right for your excellent automobile. A BMW is a piece of art. You want a company that that understands and respects that art.