3 Reasons You Need A 60k Mile Tune-Up Service In Mukilteo

3 Reasons You Need A 60k Mile Tune-Up Service In Mukilteo

While you may have been working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, you may now be getting back to a more normal driving routine. You need to make sure that your vehicle is in top shape for your commute to work or other locations. That is why a 60K mile tune-up service in Mukilteo is so important. Perhaps you didn’t think your 30K mile tune-up was all that necessary. You’ve now found yourself rolling over into 60,000 plus miles. This is the time to have our team here at Conaway Motors Inc. check your car out. Here are three reasons you need this service to keep moving forward.

Filters Get Dirty

No matter how much driving you do or where you live, your filters will get dirty. These filters can impact how your car runs and the performance you get when you drive. Items such as air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters need to be changed out throughout the life of your vehicle.

Find Problems Early

Maybe you’ve heard an odd noise while you’re driving, or you just feel like something is off. When you have your regular service schedule, you can avoid costly repairs by finding them early on. By having your regular tune-ups and maintenance, you can find these problems before they become a detriment to your vehicle or cause safety issues.

Keep Going

Your vehicle needs regular maintenance to ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of your vehicle possible. That is why it is crucial to make sure you have regular service performed to get the optimum performance and lifespan.

If you need to schedule your 60K mile tune-up service in Mukilteo, contact our office today at (425) 905-2424 to set up your appointment.