Why Auto Service In Snohomish Shouldn’t Be Put Off

Why Auto Service In Snohomish Shouldn’t Be Put Off

Maintaining your car is very important to get the most value for your investment. You may find yourself skipping an oil change a little longer than you should or even skipping service on your car altogether. There are many reasons that you should not put auto service in Snohomish off any longer. These include your car performing poorly, recall notices, and even safety risks.

Safety Risk

When you do not have regular maintenance or service on your car, you do not always realize when things are going wrong. These problems that arise can be a huge safety problem for you and those around you. It is vital that you have regular service appointments to avoid any unnecessary safety issues.

Poor Performance

Another risk you take by not having regular maintenance is your vehicle performing poorly. Your car needs regular maintenance, just like you need to keep up with your routine checkups. It helps to avoid costly repairs down the road. When things are left unchecked, repairs can go unnoticed until they become quite expensive.


Sometimes recall notices go out, and owners don’t always get informed. That is why it is essential to have regular maintenance, so you’re aware of any updates that are needed. This helps you to get the necessary repairs to avoid major problems from a seemingly small recall.

Be sure you are maintaining your vehicle with regular auto service in Snohomish. Our talented technicians here at Conaway Motors are ready to help you maintain your vehicle. Contact us today at (425) 905-2424 to set up your regular maintenance appointment. We can work on any make or model of vehicle to get you back on track in no time.