Complete Auto Service in Lynnwood

Conaway Motors has your complete auto service in Lynnwood. Even if you have had your vehicle in the shop for repairs, it is a good idea to bring it in and get a complete service.

Auto Service in Lynnwood

A complete auto service can include things like checking the brakes, looking at the suspension for wear, and seeing if the frame is in good shape. It should include changing out filters and fluids – oil, transmission fluid, air filter, gas filter and the oil filter. Your mechanic might check over hoses, test the firing order of pistons, and look for signs of oil leaks, transmission leaks and coolant leaks. He or she might check the coolant levels and go over your air conditioning and heating system and even change out the filter that cleans the air that enters the passenger compartment of your vehicle. An auto service might even include cleaning your vehicle, inside and out – including under the hood where accumulated grime can hide vital engine faults. Giving your vehicle a complete once-over might not be something you want to do every day, but it can be a very good thing to do seasonally – any time the weather will be transitioning from cold to hot, or hot to cold.

Call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424 to schedule your complete auto service in Lynnwood. Let us do some preemptive maintenance on your vehicle so that it has a better chance of getting you from home to where ever you are going and back again without expensive on-the-road maintenance. We won’t guarantee to catch every little thing, but we will do our best to find those little problems and take care of them so that they won’t become big problems before your next service check-up.